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Excellent occupational therapy given by professionals in Lawton.The primary focus of occupational therapy is to make the patient more capable of functioning independently. However, there are countless ways to achieve that. At Lawton Home Abled, we are creative with occupational therapy exercise that are patient centered, and we are attentive enough to determine which exercises are working best to rehabilitate the patient. Occupational therapy Lawton patients need most is specific and highly personalized to the patient’s deficiencies and ultimate goals.

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In some cases, occupational therapy Lawton patients receive from our therapists involves adaptive equipment, while other patients benefit more from exercises that resemble physical therapy. In fact, the two disciplines are very closely related, and only trained medical professionals – your physicians and Lawton Home Abled team – should prescribe and administer these services.

Our compassionate, skilled occupational therapists can help almost any patient get back to a place where they can function independently enough to stay in their own home. Being able to stay in their home is crucial to many patients, and it’s the reason that many go without care. They either cannot afford an assisted living facility or the do not wish to live somewhere else. If you or a loved one is facing this situation, don’t hesitate to call Lawton Home Abled to see what we can do for you! Private home care Lawton Home Abled can provide may be the answer to your prayers!

Here are a few of the areas where our occupational therapy services can improve your loved one’s quality of life:

  • Increase cognitive skills for logic, critical thinking and natural progression which ensures patient safety at home and when participating in activities outside the home
  • Develop daily living skills in order to keep the patient living at home, alone in many cases
  • Maintain motor skills for simple tasks like dressing and bathing and more complicated ones like driving
  • Improve social skills for those who may be negatively affected by developmental or cognitive issues
  • Recover and improve strength in the hands, arms and chest for daily chores like lifting laundry baskets, cooking, and picking up children
  • Cultivate modified ways of performing everyday tasks at work and at home

Contrary to popular belief, not all of our patients are elderly. Some are young, vivacious individuals who need occupational therapy in order to get back to work or regain the ability to care for children unassisted. There are many reasons for a person to undergo occupational therapy, but in any case, the private home care Lawton Home Abled can provide is superior to any on-sight patient experience you or your loved one could have.

Occupational therapy Lawton families want for their loved ones should be many things. Convenient. Effective. Affordable. All of these things are standard benefits of choosing the best private home care Lawton has to offer, Lawton Home Abled. With a well-trained, highly experienced, and compassionate staff, we can guarantee that your loved one will receive the best occupational therapy services possible and be able to get back to the life they love without spending any time in the hospital or nursing home.

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