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Image of a nurse taking an elderly's blood pressureLawton Home Abled offers residents of Lawton home health services, including skilled nursing care, in the comfort of their own homes. This gives patients a renewed sense of dignity and privacy, especially if they have recently been in nursing home or hospital care. In those types of facilities, patient care comes first, and their privacy second. With us, you and your loved one can enjoy and appreciate the benefit of both.

Our skilled nursing care services are Medicare and Medicaid accepted, so you’ll never have to worry about the cost of services that your loved one desperately

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needs. If you need help filing the appropriate paperwork, we also have a helpful, knowledgeable staff who can help you get everything in order so that your skilled nursing care will be taken care of by your insurance.

Private home care Lawton residents can get from Lawton Home Abled are different from facility-based services in several ways:


More Privacy

When your loved one needs personal services, it is much more comfortable for them to be in the privacy of their own home. Even when speaking with the home health nurse, the patient will be more likely to share all the details of their condition rather than leaving important things out.

Flexibility in Schedule

Private home care Lawton Home Abled offers can be scheduled at the patient’s and caregiver’s convenience. This is one of the major advantages of choosing home care over a facility where you are at the mercy of doctors’ and nurses’ schedules.

Freedom to live life as usual

Getting care in your home with skilled nursing care from Lawton Home Abled means that the rest of your day can go on as usual. This is very important to many of our patients. At home, you can watch what you want on television, eat what you want, and welcome visitors in a more relaxed setting.

Holistic approach to healing

Our Lawton home health services focus on strengthening the physical, mental and emotional sides of the patient. The skilled nursing care clients receive from our trained professio
Home care Lawton Home Abled provides is always administered by trained, certified professionals. Whether you need temporary care or a long-term solution for a loved one with a chronic illness, we can give you the help you need. Our trained professionals will constantly reevaluate the patient to assess the level of care needed, so they’ll always get exactly what they need.

Skilled nursing care is often necessary after surgery or hospital stays. If you have never been hospitalized before, you may underestimate the need you will have when you come home. You may not realize how helpful the home care Lawton Home Abled can provide may be. That’s ok, because you can call us anytime to get the skilled nursing care you need, even if on short notice.

This is just one of many great reasons to choose to get your skilled nursing care from a home care company like ours!

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