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We are available to talk with you about your family member’s specific needs at your convenience!

Stillwater Home Abled is the answer for many families who have aging loved ones who are healthy and independent enough to live alone yet may need a little help here and there.

We are the answer for families who have aging loved ones in Stillwater.

Our Services

Sometimes, the care that an elderly or disabled family member needs will extend beyond the scope of knowledge of his or her close family members. If this is the case in your situation, you’ll be relieved to know that your family can carry on exactly as you are now with the help of a few specialized services from Stillwater Home Abled!

Need a disability assistance in Stillwater? Give us a call.

Disability Assistance

Stillwater home health care is a perfect idea for disabled family members who prefer to live alone rather than in a facility. We can assist with light housekeeping, personal care and hygiene, meal preparation, and mobility. Our attentive staff will only provide the amount of care and support the client needs, giving…

We help manage and organize medicine intakes of Stillwater residents.

Medicine Management

When a physician prescribes a medication regimen for a patient, it’s important that the patient follows it exactly so that the doctor can tell whether or not it is effective. With Home health Stillwater can trust, your loved one will take medications on time and be protected against dangerous drug interactions…

We offer physical therapy at the comfort of your Stillwater home.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often necessary after a surgery or an injury in order to restore the patient to full strength and mobility. Stillwater private home care often gets better results than when the patient is lined up around a room with a dozen or more people also doing rehabilitation. Our physical therapists come to…

We can help you with your occupational therapy in Stillwater.

Occupational therapy

Stillwater Home Abled has occupational therapy specialists who can come to the patient’s home and give them the care they need to make everyday tasks a little easier. Occupational therapy is often a logical step in senior home care Stillwater residents need in order to maintain…

We have skilled nurses in Stillwater to assist you at your home in Stillwater.

Skilled nursing care

Your care for your loved one may not be sufficient to meet their specific medical needs, but that doesn’t mean that they will have to move into a healthcare facility in order to get the care that they need. Stillwater Home Abled can provide home health Stillwater residents need in every…

For faster healing of your wound, call Home Abled of Stillwater.

Wound care

Certain conditions can cause wound healing to take longer and be more complicated than it should be. With Stillwater Home Abled, you have access to some of the most skilled wound care experts in the area, which means fast, efficient wound care in the comfort of your own home…

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There are many advantages of choosing Stillwater Home Abled. Aside from our superior service, you’ll get compassionate care that is second only to the care a loved one could give. We are fully committed to helping your beloved family member stay in their own home if possible and for as long as possible, whether they live alone or with relatives. Being able to maintain one’s freedom and independence can have a direct influence on how well they heal and how dedicated they are to therapy and medication regimens.

We employ certified nurses and nursing assistants who can deliver the kind of care your loved one needs after surgery, an injury, or just as they get older and find that they have more limitations than they once did. Not all Stillwater home health care agencies are created equally, with the patient’s ultimate care and comfort in mind. All are medically qualified to give your loved one medical attention in a variety of situations, but none will offer that care with the same kindness and professional courtesy as we will!

Benefits of Our Care

As a patient of Stillwater Home Abled, your loved one will have access to the best Stillwater home care available. Dealing with our office staff will always be convenient and pleasant, and our skilled medical staff is just as easy to work with whether you need our services daily, weekly or at some other specified interval. Your loved one will be in good hands with us! They will experience all of the following from our skilled, caring staff:

Private care administered in a comfortable environment

The advantages of private care are undeniable. It is always better to give patients care in the most comfortable environment possible so that they adhere as closely as possible to the prescribed care while avoiding any undue stress or physical discomfort.

Adapted services that best suit each patient

By coming into the patient’s home, we are able to evaluate their abilities and limitations in a natural environment. This ensures that they get the care they need in order to be restored to their individual quality of life. We can help rehabilitate patients for their lifestyle, giving them the freedom to do whatever daily tasks they need to do and enjoy doing.

A high level of dignity and independence

Getting care in a medical facility can limit the amount of dignity and independence that a patient can get, regardless of privacy standards. With Stillwater Home Abled, however, he or she will experience Stillwater private home care that is beyond anything they knew was possible.

Choose Stillwater Home Abled for senior home care Stillwater elderly, disabled and injured residents can use most at one of their most vulnerable stages of life. Caring for your loved ones, seeing the full, rich lives they are able to live with the assistance of our care, brings us great pride. We are available to talk with you about your family member’s specific needs at your convenience!

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