Medicine Management

When a doctor prescribes medication for your loved one, it can be a challenge making sure that they take the medicine on time each day and in the prescribed doses.

Health care professional giving medicine to a client to help with medication management.

Did you know that if some types of medication are not taken exactly as prescribed, there’s no use in taking them at all? No one understands the need for medicine management Stillwater patients need better than Stillwater Home Abled! We have certified medical staff and caregivers who can make sure that your loved one gets his or her exact dosages at the right times each day to ensure proper healing and optimal health!

Our medicine management specialists are licensed and knowledgeable about all types of medications. They know what works together and what drugs will cause harmful interactions, so you don’t have to rely solely on the doctor or pharmacist to warn you about these risks. In many cases, the medicine management Stillwater patients need consists of the caregiver communicating directly with the physician in order to clearly communicate directions for dosing and administration, especially if a patient is experiencing negative side effects from one or more medicines.

Giving the private home care Stillwater patients need often involves separating their medications by day or even by time of day so that each is taken when it should be. We can also educate patients about what their medications are for and the dangers of taking too much of a given drug.

Private home care Stillwater patients receive from our qualified team may even include intramuscular and intravenous medications. Skilled nurses can administer shots or hook medications to an implanted venous access port within the comfort of their own home. This skilled care always puts the patient, as well as concerned family members, at ease. Because our staff is medically qualified to handle any type of medication, we can guarantee that your loved one will respond better to their medications and enjoy optimal health because of them.

Medicine management has several benefits:

  • Reduces the risk and severity of drug interactions, especially when new medications are added. We can even contact the physician if we notice negative side effects.
  • Improves patient compliance for all types of medicine, including breathing treatments. Having someone who makes them accountable for taking medications on time is sometimes all it takes.
  • Educates the patient, family members, and other caregivers the administration process. Eventually, a family member or the patients themselves may feel knowledgeable about the process to administer them themselves.

With a professional handling your loved one’s medicine management, everyone will feel more comfortable and may eventually find that there is no need for our services. We’re delighted, not saddened, when a patient no longer needs our services! When private home care Stillwater patients once needed no longer feels like a necessity, it means that we have successfully given the patient, family members, and caregivers the tools to manage the patient’s care themselves. This is a huge victory for the patient, and we are overjoyed every time!

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