Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is designed for anyone who needs to regain strength, mobility, and flexibility. This could help your loved one live alone, drive with greater confidence, or prepare their own meals. Occupational therapy Stillwater can get from Stillwater Home Abled can restore a patient’s ability to do any number of household tasks and make going out less of a danger for them and for everyone else.

Our occupational therapist helping a patient regain mobility and a renewed sense of independence.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to give aging or disabled individuals the option to stay in their own homes versus living in an adult assisted living facility.

Private home care Stillwater families are looking for is many things at once:

  • Caring
  • Professional
  • Thorough
  • Affordable

If you want all of these things for your loved one, then Stillwater Home Abled is your best choice for occupational therapy. No matter what the goal is for your family member, we have an occupational therapist who can help him or her meet it and, in many cases, exceed their and your expectations.

Occupational therapy Stillwater patients will receive all of the following benefits from our first-class staff:

  • New strategies that will enable them to do the same tasks they’ve always done with less effort, so they can save their strength for the rest of their day.
  • Assistance with daily hygiene, grooming, and dressing so that if they have somewhere to go or if they have guests, or even if they’ll just be piddling around the house, they can feel confident and like themselves every day.
  • Adjustments made to the patients’ home that make it a safer environment for them to live alone. This includes reducing the falling risks of bathrooms, porches, and stairs.
  • Private home care Stillwater residents need most when adjusting to the loss or dysfunction of a limb.

Occupational therapy Stillwater Home Abled provides for our patients is designed to strengthen their bodies and give them the confidence to care for themselves the way they always have. We will customize a care plan that is most efficient for each patient, with their goals in mind, and that will give their families the peace of mind that it takes to let an aging or disabled family member remain in their own home regardless of previous injuries or depleted health.

Stillwater Home Abled follows a strict set of steps when a family comes to us for occupational therapy. First, we will assess the patient’s capabilities right where they are and then make our plan from there. If we need to speak with the patient’s primary physician in order to formulate that individualized care plan.

After that, we’ll begin the patient’s occupational therapy based on their needs. This could include medicine management, physical therapy, and, of course, occupational therapy. The private home care Stillwater clients prefer over all others is complete and professional, but most of all, compassionate. Stillwater Home Abled has worked with many individuals over the years to give them a better life than they could ever have imagined before.

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