Physical Therapy

There are so many great reasons to choose Stillwater Home Abled for your loved one’s physical therapy needs. We have a compassionate staff who loves to see patients develop strength and confidence, and the ability to do that in the person’s home – the place where they feel most comfortable – is a joy that few healthcare providers get to experience!

Health care professional assisting client with physical therapy right from her home in Stillwater.

For anyone who has been prescribed physical therapy, we encourage you to take it as a serious solution to your health situation. From injuries to illnesses, physical therapy Stillwater residents receive from our qualified team can be just as beneficial (even more so) than medicines that their doctors may order. Consider all of the following benefits of physical therapy:

  • Reduces or eliminates pain – Your loved one’s pain could be the result of stiffening muscles or joints. Private home care Stillwater Home Abled has to offer can eliminate much of the pain your family member is experiencing, mainly through the use of specific physical therapy practices.
  • Helps the patient avoid surgery – In some cases, we can do therapy for back, neck and other joint conditions that will allow the patient to forego surgery altogether. This is important for many patients because they are not in good enough health to withstand surgery, while others simply do not want to have major surgery unless it is their only option.
  • Improves muscle and joint mobility – Better flexibility and increased strength makes household chores and hobbies easier and safer. Getting around in the house and outside is much more enjoyable when the patient is strong enough to do these things on their own. We can even provide physical therapy Stillwater residents need to get in and out of their vehicles without assistance!
  • Speeds recovery – From strokes to sports-related injuries, physical therapy could be the thing that gets your loved one moving again! With private home care Stillwater residents are more encouraged to do their very best in each physical therapy session without the distraction or pressure of other patients.
  • Manages the symptoms of diabetes and some vascular conditions – Physical therapy hasn’t been associated with these conditions in the past, but those at the cusp of medical research are now convinced that it is an effective treatment for these and many more illnesses. Stillwater Home Abled is prepared to help you manage chronic conditions with any means available!
  • Slows the onset of age-related conditions – Waking up with aches and pains doesn’t have to be a normal part of growing older! With our private home care Stillwater residents have been depending on for years for injury and surgery recovery, you could also reduce the widely accepted symptoms of getting older.

Physical therapy Stillwater residents can trust for their loved ones is found at Stillwater Home Abled. We work hard to restore each patient’s quality of life, even going above and beyond that with many of them, to a standard of health that they haven’t enjoyed in years! With our highly trained, compassionate staff, you simply can’t go wrong for physical therapy services in Stillwater!

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