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Stillwater Home Abled understands what it means for your loved one to be at home and in peace as they grow older, especially after they have undergone any type of surgery or sustained an injury. It is our primary goal to keep them at home, in their most comfortable environment, even while undergoing services that will help to heal them and restore them to their highest and most enjoyable state of health.

We have a lot of health care services available to assist you in Stillwater.

Our services include all of the following, which can restore and raise the quality of life that your aging family member:

Our professionals provide the exact disability assistance Stillwater seniors and disabled persons need.

Disability Assistance

No matter what has caused the patient’s disability, we can provide Stillwater home health care that will improve their enjoyment of everyday living and make it possible for them to experience even more throughout their lives.

Health care professional giving medicine to a client to help with medication management.

Medicine Management

By taking your medication on time and in the proper dosages, you can improve your chances of getting better faster or managing your chronic disease with fewer complications. These are also factors that improve patients’ everyday quality of life, but they can sometimes be difficult tasks for family members to manage on their own.

Health care professional assisting client with physical therapy right from her home in Stillwater.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are just one part of the complete home care Stillwater Home Abled can provide. Our therapists use the most modern techniques to rehabilitate patients no matter what injury or surgery they are recovering from.

Our occupational therapist helping a patient regain mobility and a renewed sense of independence.

Occupational therapy

Stillwater home health care is about more than just making people feel better when they are sick or injured. It’s also about giving them the ability to live fulfilled, independent lives to as much of a degree as possible. Our occupational therapies are designed to help patients complete everyday tasks with safety and ease, such as walking around the home and outside, doing light housekeeping, and preparing meals.

Licensed healthcare professional providing health care service in your home.

Skilled nursing care

Your family member may be like many others: not in poor enough health to be in the hospital or a 24-hour care facility, but also not quite ready to be on their own at home. Skilled nursing care includes anything that non-medical caregivers cannot do. For these people, our skilled nursing care is the perfect solution.

Stillwater Home Abled offers services specializing on wound treatment and healing.

Wound care

Diabetes and other health conditions can make wound care a necessity. For private home care Stillwater residents can trust, our wound care specialists have no match! They are able to help our patients heal faster and with lower risk of infection than any other method of wound care.

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