Skilled Nursing Care

Medicare has strict guidelines about what defines certain services as “skilled nursing” services verses those that can be done by any caregiver, regardless of their training or skill level. The one thing that Stillwater Home Abled can provide is the confidence that your loved one’s care is in the hands of the very best!

Licensed healthcare professional providing health care service in your home.

Skilled nursing is a part of Stillwater home health that can’t be ignored. We offer private, complete care in the patient’s own home, where they are most comfortable. Our private home care Stillwater residents need when they have had surgery, are battling a serious illness, or after an injury.

Home care Stillwater patients can get from our skilled nurses include all of the following:

  • Patient and family education about care and medications
  • Changing incision and wound dressings
  • Tube feedings
  • Injections
  • Administering Intravenous Medications

Our skilled nursing care services are capable of giving our patients more time at home with better health and less risk of infections or injuries in the meantime. After an injury, surgery, or during a serious illness, your family member needs to know that they are getting the most effective care from the best caregivers available. When that care is being administered in the hospital, there is no doubt that it is quality. The thought of anything less wouldn’t even be considered. However, once your loved one is at home for the duration, you and they want to know that the same level of skill and professionalism is still involved. When you choose Stillwater Home Abled, you won’t have to worry about the level of care, either!

These tasks are performed by licensed, trained professionals. This makes us capable of monitoring the patient’s health day to day, moment to moment if necessary, in order to give accurate reports back to their physicians and to adjust services as needed.

Being an in-home Stillwater home health service has its advantages for our clients. Of course, it’s more comfortable to receive care and treatment in one’s home, but it also reduces their risk of getting hurt or contracting an infection while making trips back and forth to doctors’ offices and therapy facilities. Family members are always more confident knowing that their loved ones are receiving the best care from the best staff. Finally, the level of comfort that our patients enjoy is far higher than what they will feel in any other care situation.

Private home care Stillwater Home Abled can provide is for all types of patients, from those who are recovering from illnesses or surgeries to those with terminal diseases. Our staff is prepared to give each patient exactly what they need in every state of health. We offer our caring, compassionate skilled nursing care to patients and families all over the Stillwater area and beyond, because we understand how scary it can be to need advanced care but not know where the best place is to get it. Now, you don’t have to wonder any longer because Stillwater Home Abled is the answer you’ve been looking for!

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