Wound Care

Stillwater Home Abled offers the wound care Stillwater patients need in the comfort of their own homes! Offering wound care as an in-home service is a way to keep patients happy and comfortable as the recover from an injury or surgery. As a home health care provider, Stillwater Home Abled couldn’t say we offer the most comprehensive services in the area without this important service!

Stillwater Home Abled offers services specializing on wound treatment and healing.

We have specialized services that focus on the treatment of wounds, but we don’t ignore the patient’s overall wellbeing in order to heal a wound. We offer comprehensive care that takes the patient’s total health into account to identify factors that may be hindering their healing. Our staff works to identify the source of the wound (if it was previously unknown) and they strive to reduce the healing time of that wound.

Private home care Stillwater families want for their loved ones has several benefits. The main reason that they choose Stillwater Home Abled for their family member’s wound care is because of its private nature. We are happy to be able to come to the patient’s home anywhere in the Stillwater area in order to care for their wound. They are more comfortable being treated in their own home, the risk of infection is lower, and treatment usually takes less time when it is done in the home. These are all excellent reasons to opt for home wound care.

Another reason to use Stillwater Home Abled specifically is our undeniable commitment to our patients. We have an extensive line of services that can help a disabled or aging adult get the care they need at every stage of life, and we’re glad that wound care Stillwater residents sometimes need is a part of that!

There are several key points that make specialty wound care a little different from regular wound care. The private home care Stillwater patients get from us will focus on all of the following areas:

  • Nationally certified treatment protocols
  • Certified wound care specialists
  • Constant wound evaluation
  • Treatment plans that can be adjusted as often as necessary
  • Wound care education for the patient and caregivers
  • Treatments outcome measurements
  • Optimized patient comfort

Those who have diabetes, circulatory disorders, and other health problems will be the first to tell you that skilled wound care is important. Our services could be the difference between a person you love keeping a limb versus having to have it amputated due to poor circulation, infection, and improper wound care.

Another aspect of wound care Stillwater patients may overlook at times, but in reality is just as important as the physical skill, is the kind, compassionate care that our professionals provide. They are understanding and gentle, offering a friendly, personable approach to the long, tedious task of healing a stubborn wound. Dealing with our staff, whether you are the patient or a concerned family member, will put your mind at ease at once, and you will know without a doubt that you have found the right home health company to aid with wound care issues caused by certain health conditions

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