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Wichita Home Abled offers services specializing on wound treatment and healing.Wichita Home Abled is constantly asked what it is about us Wichita residents should be most impressed by. We often cite our excellent staff, our genuine care for our patients, and our wide range of services. However, what we come back to time and again is the private home care Wichita can provide within the client’s home.

It has never been simpler or more discreet to have your medical and non-medical needs met by a professional team within the comfort of your own home. Our clients have the option of staying in the home that they love rather than moving to any one of many

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facilities for senior care Wichita has to offer. This does much to boost a patient’s morale and convince him or her to give maximum effort during therapy sessions or to heed the advice of their skilled nursing care provider.

We listen to our patients and work with them to create long-term and short-term goals that area attainable. We collaborate with doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers to make sure that the care plan that is in place is as beneficial as possible to our patient. Finally, we help our clients adapt their homes to their current state of health. This reduces the risk of falling and other injury that could prolong their recovery.

At Wichita Home Abled, we celebrate when a patient no longer needs our physical therapy services or help with medicine management, because it means that the patient is moving forward and taking control of their own health and safety!

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