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The complete home health care service in Wichita.For people with disabilities, non-medical home care is an important part of living independent lives. These services are readily available at Wichita Home Abled! Many of our clients have been living with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or some other disorder for years, while others have had a stroke or an accident that has caused them to be less able than they once were. At Wichita Home Abled, we provide the exact disability assistance Wichita seniors and disabled persons need.

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Anyone living with a disability will tell you that the world isn’t always as accommodating as they would hope. Everything from door knobs to showers can be difficult to navigate within your home if you have one or more limb that isn’t functioning properly. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll need to move out of your home in order to get the assistance you need to live a full, independent life. With our help, you can remain in your home and avoid the need for unnecessary constant care.

We tailor each care plan to the client’s specific needs. This means that you will only get help in the areas you request. We’ll sit down with you before we begin our services in order to prioritize exactly what you need the most, then we will make a customized plan that will meet your needs without overstepping in the areas where you can still provide your own care.

The disability assistance Wichita residents receive from our caring staff is just enough to give disabled clients the daily or weekly help that they need. This could come in the form of any or all of the following:

  • Adapting your home for changes in your reach and mobility
  • Assistance with dressing, grooming and bathing
  • Meal preparation and meal planning guidance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transfers and fall risk reduction

If you need help with any routine task, our certified caregivers will be happy to assist you! In addition to being helpful and knowledgeable, our team members can also serve as friendly and trustworthy companions. We have provided kind, compassionate care for elderly patients, those with arthritis, diabetics, and those affected by cancer and other diseases. Our disability assistance Wichita has come to depend on is the highest quality care available from start to finish.

Private home care Wichita residents want is available with Wichita Home Abled. Your disability isn’t a source of shame, but it also doesn’t have to be advertised to the whole world. With our private, in-home services, you’ll be able to maintain a high level of discretion when dealing with limited physical abilities.

We can help alleviate some of the responsibilities that family members have for loved ones with disabilities. By simply stopping by and helping with a few daily tasks, we can give everyone peace of mind that our client is being given the same kind of care he or she would receive from family members. If you or a loved one has a disability, choose private home care Wichita residents have depended on for years!

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