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Health care professional assisting client with physical therapy right from her home in Wichita.When you have an illness or are recovering from surgery or a minor injury, your doctor very well may prescribe physical therapy to speed your recovery. Wichita Home Abled has certified physical therapists who can guide you through the private home care Wichita residents need to get back to living life.

When you choose a provider for the physical therapy Wichita doctors sometimes recommend, you’ll see that most of them require you to come in to a hospital or to regularly visit a physical therapy facility. One

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thing that sets us apart is that we’ll come to your home to perform your physical therapy services. This can benefit you in several ways:

  • You can avoid germs and prevent sickness.
    Hospitals and doctors’ offices are breeding grounds for bacteria, and if you’re already compromised due to surgery or age, you need to avoid these situations whenever possible. By doing PT in your home, you won’t risk infection and preventable sicknesses.
  • You don’t have to find a driver while you recuperate.
    If you’ve been put on restrictions due to a temporary physical issue, this could mean that you aren’t allowed to drive, either. This is for your safety and everyone else’s as well, so don’t put anyone at risk by driving before you’re cleared! We’ll come to you to provide physical therapy Wichita can trust.
  • You’ll be more comfortable.
    Doing your physical therapy at home will give you a comfort and privacy that you won’t have if you choose to do therapy in a public facility. Being at home alone encourages many of our clients to try harder and listen more carefully to the therapist’s instructions.
  • You will reduce the risk of falling
    Private home care Wichita residents get from Wichita Home Abled includes services that protect our patients from falling. Physical therapy done in the person’s home can greatly reduce their risk of falling when they are coming and going from home and the physical therapy office.

Physical therapy is a specific service that speeds recovery and strengthens muscles so that patients can continue to live a high standard of living. When you’re looking for physical therapy services, you have options beyond what has traditionally been offered. Our services are unique in their design and intent, and they are performed by the most compassionate, highly trained professionals of physical therapy Wichita has to offer.

We offer rehabilitation services that can improve your ability to walk unassisted or with a cane or walker, or we can strengthen your body so that operating a wheelchair is easier and safer. During your physical therapy, we’ll help you make adjustments and adaptations around your home to make it a safer place for your current condition and for the future.

Our team will evaluate your health and your doctor’s orders, and we will collaborate with you to set realistic long-term and short-term goals for your physical therapy. Whether you have a brief or lengthy recovery ahead of you, we’ll be there with you every step of the way!

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