The Complete Home Health Care Services in Wichita

Professional administering the most advanced types of dressings and ointments for rapid healing.Wichita home health patients have a trusted partner in Wichita Home Abled. We’ve been helping our clients take care of themselves for a long time, and our reputation for private home care Wichita residents can depend on speaks for itself! When you or a loved one need home care in Wichita, let us extend our wide ranging services to help in any area you need!

Wichita Home Abled provides the highest level of care for seniors and disabled individuals

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so that they may maintain their privacy and dignity, even through inevitable stages of life when they may need a little help. Our trustworthy, caring staff are the answer to many different issues in home care Wichita seniors and their families may have.

We offer all of the following services for individuals living in the Wichita area:

  • Disability assistance – If someone you care for is disabled due to an accident, aging, or as the result of a lifelong limitation, they can still enjoy the freedom and privacy of living alone. Our services are not meant to restrict our clients, but to enable them to live active, self-sufficient lives using multiple strategies.
  • Medicine management – Taking medications as prescribed is the only way to evaluate their efficiency. We can administer medicines correctly, answer questions, and prevent any interactions that could happen when multiple medications are involved.
  • Physical therapy – Physical therapy can be performed in the comfort of your own home in order to rehabilitate an injury or after a surgery. This is especially helpful for clients who cannot drive themselves until the therapy is completed.
  • Occupational therapy – Home care Wichita residents request often includes giving their loved ones new strategies and methods for doing everyday tasks when their mobility has been compromised. Occupational therapy from Wichita Home Abled is exactly what is needed in these cases.
  • Skilled nursing care – Private home care Wichita seniors need involves many types of skilled nursing tasks. We have several trained, certified nurses on staff who can come to your home and perform procedures that would previously need to be done in a medical setting.
  • Wound care – Wound care can be a major health concern for people at any age and in any physical condition. We have Wichita home health care professionals with specific training in wound care so that our patients have less risk of infection and can relax and home while their healing takes place.

Our services are provided by caregivers who are carefully screened and trained in their field, but they are also meticulously and continuously taught what it means to be privileged enough to enter clients’ homes in order to provide healthcare, peace of mind, and more than one type of comfort to seniors and their families!

Wichita home health professionals who are selected to work with Wichita Home Abled are the cream of the crop. Hiring the best is the only way we can guarantee our clients and their families the highest level of private home care in Wichita, which we proudly do!

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