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Wichita Home Abled offers services specializing on wound treatment and healing.Wichita Home Abled offers a specialized program that focuses first on the treatment and healing of wounds and second on the patients overall health. Looking at the big picture – the underlying cause of the wound – we are better able to treat it. By collaborating with other health care professionals, we can give wound care Wichita patients deserve!

Our wound care specialists provide unique care for each patient based on the physician’s orders and the patient’s current condition. This helps each patient to

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reach prime healing and the most positive outcome. We can look over the physician’s notes and orders in order to make sure that the patient is given care that is directly specified and maximally beneficial for him or her. Patients often ask us to explain what the doctor’s orders mean and what their recovery will look like, since this information sometimes gets overlooked in the grand scheme of the patient’s overall health.

Our staff understands that wound care is complex and should take a multi-pronged approach. That’s why it is so important to us to treat the underlying cause of the wound, whether it’s injury or disease. We’ve seen a vast range of wounds, from those that heal easily to ones that are lingering and hard to resolve. We make it a priority to hire certified wound care specialists with extensive experience working in this specialized field. Wound care Wichita patients receive from us is always specifically tailored to what they need at that time, and we’ll do everything we can to keep them healthy and as active as possible during recovery or healing.

We employ only the best wound care professionals in order to meet the growing needs of our patients, but we also want to make them feel comfortable. Private home care Wichita patients get from Wichita Home Abled will be given in the most comfortable environment: the patient’s home! Our clients are treated with respect, courtesy, and professionalism even thought their wound care takes place in the familiar setting of your home.

Our wound care services consist of all of the following:

  • Treatment protocols based on national standards, performed by certified wound care nurses
  • Education for the patient, family members, and caregivers
  • Assessment and reassessment of the wound whenever necessary
  • Changing treatment plans when necessary
  • Evaluation of wound care and medications for possible interactions
  • Measuring outcomes and reporting to the proper channels
  • Maximization of patient comfort

Private home care Wichita believes in consists of all these traits – plus many more. At Wichita Home Abled, it is our sincere belief that even patients suffering from serious illnesses or those recovering from major surgeries should be able to remain in their homes for the duration of their recovery.

Our staff is highly trained in evidenced-based treatment methods, and they can hasten the healing of a patient’s wound with proven, cost-effective products and practices. Each of our patients receives high-quality care and our devoted attention for as long as in-home wound care services are needed.

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